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Dash is the world’s first smart in-ear headphone that does things no one has ever seen headphones do. In addition to this, it is small, comfortable and just beautiful.

First of all, headphones need to be about music. Well, Dash has moved a step further. It provides a very secure fit and thus are very comfortable to wear. You will not have any problems with cables, oversized cups or motion related perils. They are completely wireless, but they have one more perk – you do not need a smartphone for them, or any other source of music. Even in such a small package they provide you with a built-in music player with 4GB of storage INSIDE the headphones. Of course, you can opt for Bluetooth connection that will help you stream content from a separate source. A player and storage inside in-ear headphones – even this is great enough to make the Dash outstanding. But there is more.

Design-wise, Dash is created to ensure comfort and freedom of movement. There is literally no better music product for exercise – cable free, with secure fit, coming in three sizes, and amazingly clear sound. However, there is more. It tracks the wearer’s pace, steps, cadence and distance, measure the heart rate, spent energy and oxygen saturation. And all this while filling your ears with the music of your choice.

Dash smart headphone

Using the Dash you will also be able to communicate with others. It also works as a Bluetooth Headset via the ear bone microphone which picks up vibration that your voice generates at the ear bone, so background noise, however severe, will not affect its performance.

Another amazing feature is the noise isolation and especially the option of turning it off. Basically, a simple swipe on the touch surface turns the isolation on or off and thus removes the ambient sound or lets it through.

In addition to all this, the Dash in-ear headphones are compatible with 3rd party apps, so they are bound to get only better. Support the campaign on Kickstarter and get your all-in-one in-ear headphones, mp3 player, microphone, Bluetooth Headset, memory stick, fitness performance tracker and heart rate monitor for the starting price of only $179. The Dash might easily be the most innovative product in various fields, with nothing to pose as competition. watch video below

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Dash smart headphone features and specifications

Dash headphones features

Dash headphone measures body vital signs

Dash smart in-ear headphone

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