We have already explained the importance of a good dash cam here, so it might be easy to understand why we feel that Timetec’s Road Hawk Dash Cam is an excellent product.

It is, quite simply, a new step in this market. First of all, it is the first dash cam equipped with full EIS technology. EIS means electronic image stabilization, so this feature means that you will get great clear video even while on very bumpy roads.

Dimensions of the Timetec dash cam

Aside from this amazing feature, the RoadHawk also packs an amazing HD sensor which gives amazingly clear images in daytime also bettering any other in-car camera in night time and other low light occasions.

Video quality reaches 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. Audio is captured via a variable sensitivity internal microphone while there is also an external mic 3.5mm input available.

Dash Cam by Timetec Mac and PC software

The Road Hawk dash cam also features the A5s Processor and 127º Wide Angle Lens that provides a complete image of the area you wish to record.

Greatest GPS accuracy is ensured via an external GPS antenna which, paired up with the 5Hz GPS receiver, provides amazingly fast lock-on times and the mentioned greater accuracy.

Dash Cam by Timetec

The footage is saved on an SD card with the capacity of 8 GB that is included, but, should this prove to be insufficient for you, you can extend it up to 64 GB using the supported SDXC technology. The GPS data and even the G-Force are stored within the video and they can be accessed using the included software.

Mounting should not be a problem given the fact that you can use either the windscreen adhesive mount, or the vertical windscreen adhesive mount both of which are included.

The videos you capture can be played on any MAC or PC.

Having in mind all that has been presented, the Road Hawk Dash Cam is truly a breakthrough in this field.

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