Danner Mountain 600 Carbon Black Boot


If you missed, we recently wrote about the Danner Mountain 600. These versatile hiking boots are a must have and are perfect for different types of surfaces and weather. Now, Danner decided to make a full leather version aka Carbon Black Boot.

The 4.5 inches full-grain leather upper is made from the most durable form of leather. Before using it for the boot, the leather was tested nine times. The rugged look is paired with a 100% waterproof construction that will prevent water from getting in, while at the same time allowing moisture to escape.

black danner boot

This Danner Mountain 600 boot comes with black full grain leather upper.

What’s characteristic for this collection is the partnership with Vibram. The boots come with a Vibram midsole and Fuga outsole. The midsole uses rubberized EVA cushioning that is very durable and takes care of comfort and support. The outsole, on the other hand, provides excellent grip no matter if you find yourself in dry or wet conditions.

black danner mountain 600 boot fro the bottom and above

It features a Vibram midsole and outsole.

Thanks to its low profile, the Danner Mountain 600 Carbon Black Boot is great for camping, hiking, backpacking and different types of outdoor adventure. As time passes, the leather will adapt and the boots will fit your feet perfectly. As for the weight, the pair comes at 37 oz.

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