Danner Men’s Bull Run Six-Inch BR Cristy Work Boot

from $145

Finding a good and reliable pair of working boots can be very hard because they have to be strong, firm, durable and at the same time you have to feel comfortable while working in those boots. Danner Men’s Bull Run Six-Inch BR Cristy Work Boots can provide you with all those features at a reasonable price.

Danner is known for making high-quality and durable boots and there’s no better proof of that than the fact that Daniel Craig wore a pair of Danner boots in the latest James Bond movie. These Made in the USA brown boots are completely covered in high-quality leather that will keep your feet safe, stable and comfortably cool during work in warmer temperatures.

Boot photographed from the side.

This working boot is made for work during warmer temperatures.

The leather is very stiff and reliable, but because of that, it will take a bit longer to break in and that may be a bit of a problem. But don’t give up on them, once they break in they’re very comfortable. The bottom of the boot is covered with Manmade sole that was made a bit softer for more comfort, but because of that it wears out very quickly if you walk across rugged terrain.

Sole and the upper part of the boot captured from above.

The Manmade sole is a bit softer and it may wear out quickly.

When it comes to the design, this work boot features plain toe and traditional hiking laces that are very practical and reliable. The laces are strong and they will keep your foot firm and stable inside the boot. You’ll find a Danner logo at the top of the boot’s tongue and one more logo behind the boot. Also, there’s a little American flag tag on the side of the boot.

Boot photographed from the back and the front end.

Since the leather is a bit stiffer, the break in period will last a bit longer.

Bear in mind that these boots are made to be thin and light for working in warmer temperatures, so don’t wear them during winter.

Besides the longer break in period and a softer sole, this Danner Men’s Bull Run Cristy Work Boot is a solid, nice looking and reliable working boot.

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Boot photographed from the side.

When it comes to design,, these boots have a plain toe and traditional hiking laces.

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