You have packed your sunglasses, towel, flip-flops, and your favourite reading. You are ready to hit the beach. But you are missing something…. What are you going to sit on to make your day in the sun a truly enjoyable one? A folding beach chair. If you are looking to buy one this summer, look no further than the Dania folding beach chair. Why? Because it is a wonderful fusion of Danish craftsmanship, functionality, comfort, and robust materials. It is simply the cream of the crop in the beach chair world.

The Dania beach chair is made of teak and its dimensions are 15.2″W x 24.4″D x “22.8″H. The chair’s manufacturer and designer – the Danish company Skagerak – underlines that the teak used in the Dania folding chair is primarily manufactured by two Indonesian partners from Indonesian plantation wood. The Indonesian plantations are very old which enables them to supply timber from trees that are old enough to have developed the core substances which are essential for teak’s unique durability and extremely long service life.

Skagerak Teak Dania Beach Chair displayed at the beach

Skagerak Teak Dania Beach Chair on a patio

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