If you are in search for a new set of headphones, then maybe it’s time you try something out of the ordinary. Damson Headbones fit this category perfectly as they are not your run of the mill headphones. To be perfectly honest, we are not sure if we can even label them as headphones. Why is that? Well, this piece of audio equipment uses bone conduction in order for you to listen to your favorite tunes. It achieves this feat by sending vibrations through your temporal lobe and straight to your inner ear. Pretty unconventional, don’t you think? Unconventional or not, the Headbones offer great sound quality and something a lot of people will appreciate very much; it makes your ears open to the sounds from your environment.

Headbones bone conduction

These headphones use bone conduction technology

Some of you might think that this is a bad thing as you probably don’t want background noise to mess up your music, but there are situations in which being aware of every aspect of your surroundings is very important. People who often move around areas which have a lot of traffic, cyclists especially, will understand that hearing a honk in time could save your life. This level of safety is something that bone conduction technology makes possible.

Headbones ear buds

The ear buds are perfect when you want to shut yourself off from surrounding noise

The fellas at Damson have also thought about those situations in which being aware of your surroundings is unnecessary and they have included ear buds in the package. Headbones use Bluetooth and NFC technology to connect to your smartphone or audio player and you have a 3.5 mm aux cable as a backup.

Headbones pairing

Connect them tou your smartphone or audio player via Bluetooth, NFC or aux cable

The Damson Headbones are a decent piece of audio equipment which uses an unconventional method to work and provides excellent sound quality with little to no sound leakage which seems to be the main issue with bone conduction technology.

Get it from Amazon here.

Check out the Video Damson used for the Headbones Kickstarter campaign.

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