D1 Backpack For DJI Phantom Drones


Manfrotto launched a new line of backpacks made for carrying drones. The first in the Aviator line is the D1 Backpack that’s specially designed to fit different DJI Phantom drone models. This backpack is very spacious, water resistant and lightweight. It’s perfect for all the photographers who use drones and often change locations.

There are two options for carrying a quadcopter. The quick-carry feature allows you to carry the drone without taking it apart, ensuring easy transport. In this case, the propellers will pop out of the front flap, but don’t worry, the clips will secure and hold the drone in the right position. This way, it’s very easy to get it out or put it away, simply by opening the front zip. The second option is to detach the propellers, so the entire drone fits.

The space for drone in the D1 Backpack

You can pack the drone without taking it apart, or detach the propellers, so the entire drone fits in the compartment.

This pack is designed with all-in-one carry system, which means it can fit not only the drone but the remote control, all accessories, the camera and a tripod. The top compartment is the camera section and it can hold a DSLR and two lenses.

Of course, every photographer needs to edit and share photos and videos, so the D1 Backpack has a special place to fit a laptop or tablet. The laptop compartment can fit any 17″ screen and if you don’t need a laptop, you can always use the space to store other necessary equipment.

Laptop Compartment and Tripod connection on D1 Backpack

D1 Backpack has a special space for laptop or tablet, and an exterior connection for a tripod.

The D1 Backpack was designed to offer maximum protection and comfort. Everything is cushioned inside, allowing you to keep you equipment safe in any kind of situation. [via]

A guy taking photos and carrying a D1 backpack

This backpack is perfect for photographers who often change locations.

Check out this video to see D1 Backpack in action

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