Hedgehog Products launched the  Cypress Umbrella, an umbrella with fully telescopic architecture, interchangeable canvas capability and an independent suspension system. With it, you never have to fear bad weather. It’s extremely wind resistant, weighs 0.65 lbs and when opened its width is 40 inches.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Cypress Umbrella Telescopic Architecture

Cypress Umbrella has a fully telescopic architecture.

Its telescopic architecture is a combination of traditional collapsible stem with an innovative telescopic rib design. Each rib consists of tubular sections, precision machined joints and stainless steel pins. The design ensures a rigid structure 10 times stronger than the traditional design. When opened it will increase strength and durability and when closed, it will minimize wasted space.

A girl holding red Cypress Umbrella

You will be able to change the canvas.

You can also change the canvas within 3 minutes, and choose the one that fits you. There will be 10 colors and designs available. The Cypress umbrella also features an independent suspension system to ensure stability and defense against all kinds of weather. It will automatically adjust itself when faced with strong wind, allowing each rib to flex independently and create an aerodynamic structure. This way, you don’t have to fear strong winds.

Cypress Umbrella folded in a bag

With its embedded enclosure, you won’t get your things wet.

You can easily store the umbrella and with its expanding sleeve you won’t get your things wet. The enclosure is made of high-end breathable materials reinforced by a stainless steel wire frame. The full-length Cypress Umbrella Classic will also be available. It will provide a wider coverage, with the same quality and design.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here

Cypress Umbrella Classic Yellow Design

It will also be available in full-length classic design.

Check out this video and see the Independent Suspension System in action.

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