Cycliq Fly6 | The First Taillight And HD Action Cam For Your Bike


Cycling in urban areas has unfortunately become a dangerous pastime while the accidents involving cyclists are on the rise. This is just one, albeit very important, reason why small action cameras have become a necessity for avid cyclists in this day and age. Gathering video evidence of dangerous driving, intimidation and abuse that cyclists endure on almost day-to-day basis is now possible with the Fly6 action camera and tail light in one, designed by Cycliq.

Aside from its safety aspect, the Fly6 tail light & action high definition camera has some pretty cool features. It records 30 frames per second in the 1280 x 720 resolution, it comes in a waterproof case and its battery can last up to six hours. This camera also has incident protection technology which allows you to immediately save the recorded footage, as well as nano-technology which ensures that you can use it in any weather conditions. The camera records in 10-minute-intervals and you can download the footage in AVI format to your computer via a USB stick.

Cycliq Fly6 Next To A Wall

Cycliq Fly6 records in high resolution in 10-minute-intervals and features protective technology.

The tail light that comes with the camera provides 30 lumens of light and has several flashing and dimming modes. The Fly6 tail light & HD camera is compact and light measuring at only 2.36 x 5.79 x 7.48 inches and weighing at 0.25 pounds (or just over 100 grams). It takes very little space – only two inches from the top of one strap to the bottom of the other. Along with the camera and the tail light, you will also get straps, clips and aero seat post adaptor.

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What this video to see how Fly6 footage looks like.  


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