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We just relish in featuring examples of designs with purpose, and here’s a prime one – a prosthetic leg designed by Scott Summit, founder and chief technology officer of Bespoke Innovations. This San Francisco-based company was established in 2009 with the mission of bringing more humanity to people with limb loss. An industrial designer and an orthopedic surgeon teamed up to produce tailor-made prosthetic limbs to specifically suit the person for whom they were made.

So, how are these one-of-a-kind artificial legs made? Summit explains that, in the case of single amputees, the remaining leg is scanned to give the exact measuring for the prosthetic leg. For double amputees, the procedure is somewhat different – a donor of the same size and shape is located and their legs are scanned to make prosthetic limbs of perfect fit. Considering there are almost a million Americans who have had their leg / legs amputated as a result of diabetes, the market for these kinds of products, particularly as original and innovative as Bespoke’s are, is huge indeed.

Custom Prosthetic Legs design

Bespoke offers a wide array of patterns, metal plating, graphics and templates that people who have lost a leg can choose from. The company has even developed an online tool called ‘Configurator’ which enables users to add their own touch to the fairing by choosing from a range of different design styles.

Scott Summit believes that this is just the beginning of the revolution in the world of artificial limbs, and that one day they will be able to remake biological limbs with 3D printing using living human tissue. There is no reason why we shouldn’t believe him! watch video below

Custom Prosthetic Legs on a men

Men's Custom Prosthetic Legs

Custom Prosthetic Leg

Metallic Custom Prosthetic Legs

Custom Prosthetic Leg design

Custom Prosthetic Legs

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