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If you are one of those guys who thoroughly despise carrying a bunch of charging cables or just simply forget to bring them with you, then we have a simple and compact solution for you. This solution comes in the form of a CulCharge, the smallest USB charger ever which is very easy to carry around thanks to the features of its design. The CulCharge is only 2.3 inches long and it has a very convenient integrated keyring so you can carry it around with the rest of your keys, or even on its own because it’s so tiny. Its flexibility will ensure that it doesn’t accidentally break and its neat minimalist design is very easy on the eyes.

CulCharge versions

Available in two versions, both Android device and iPhone users can get a CulCharge

The CulCharge is available in two different versions: USB to Micro-USB for Android devices (priced at $23.15) and USB to Lightning for iPhones (priced at $25.00). Whichever you may need, you will be glad to own a charger that is as compact and cool as this one. It is very important to note that this charger also offers data transferring because a lack of this feature would be a huge, and completely unnecessary, flaw.

CulCharge flexibility

The flexibility of the CulCharge will ensure that it doesn’t break easily

With the CulCharge you can sync your data and charge your phone without never again having to worry about tangled or misplaced cables as this charger will always be with you.

Get it from Amazon here.

CulCharge keyring

The integrated keyring allows you to carry it around with your keys and always have it on you

Check out a video about CulCharge.

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