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There are plenty of reasons why you should have a stove in your house– they are environmentally friendly, produce tons of heat, create that wonderful homely feeling and require very little maintenance, to name just a few. If you add to this the fact that today’s stoves are stylish and elegant, that’s all the more reason to get one. Since we are always trying to feature the best of everything, we are glad to report that we have found a real gem among stoves – Cubistack Slim produced by the Italian company La Castellamonte.

Cubistack slim stove from La Castellamonte

Cubistack Slim Stove is actually a result of the collaboration between the Italian stove maker and Turin-based Adriano Design. La Castellamonte prides itself in its research and development and this innovative burner combines latest technology with combustion optimization. Adriano Design devised the modular construction of the stove. Stack Cubistack is a modern-day interpretation of the traditional ceramic stove, enriched with an elegant design. Just like most wood or pellet burning stoves, this one also has a very low impact on the environment, particularly in terms of smoke emission parameters and consumption optimization.

La Castellamonte stove

Thanks to its air recirculation system, the Cubistack Slim stove achieves an incredible 81% efficiency. In regard to the design, it certainly offers something much different and more exciting than ordinary black log burning stoves. By the way, it takes La Castellamonte a month to create a ceramic stack stove which is then finished by the company’s finest craftsmen. Each model is available in a wide array of sizes, colours and heat output options. They can be used for variety of purposes – for cooking and radiator heat exchange or simply as a wood burning stove. La Castellamonte’s stack stoves were accredited with the renowned Design Plus Award in 2011 and 2013. [via]

How a La Castellamonte stove works

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