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As overall album sales dropped, the sales of vinyl records skyrocketed in 2014. Record sales jumped from 6.1 million in 2013 to 9.2 million in just a year. The sales of vinyl records rose by 52% and that opened up room for new businesses to thrive and old ones to reaffirm their presence. How come? Well, people need something to play there favorite new records on.This is exactly what Crosley did with their series of vintage style turntables made with modern technology and, let me tell you, this move was an absolute hit. With a name that has been in this business for over one hundred years, the guys at Crosley have implemented the core values of their company into creating audio equipment which every audiophile out there wants to have. Join us as we check out some of the best products Crosley has to offer today.

1 – Crosley CR6232A Nomad

The CR6232A Nomad portable turntable is a fantastic hybrid of retro design and modern technology. This 3 speed portable turntable is equipped with powerful dynamic full-range stereo speakers, auxiliary input, headphone jack and RCA output. So, why is this model of portable turntables considered a hybrid? Well, because it offers you the option of connecting the turntable to you computer via a USB cable. With the supplied software suite from Crosley, you will be able to turn your vinyl into a digital file as long as your computer uses Windows or Mac OS. The retro side of this turntable lies in the design. Made in the vintage briefcase style, this turntable can be taken anywhere and you don’t have to worry that it will be damaged or scratched. The vinyl wrapped wood-style cabinet which is woven with grill cloth will make sure of this. It will also not open easily when carried thanks to the chrome snap closure system which will keep the lid in place and the turntable mechanism untouched.

Crosley CR6232A Nomad portable turn table record player

With this turntable you can record your vinyl and turn it into a digital file

2 – Crosley CR6233A Bermuda

The design which inspired this turntable is the design of the iconic Dansette series of turntables which were extremely popular during the 1960s. This one offers a bit more versatility than some Crosley models due to its capabilities of being used both as a portable turntable or as a furniture style turntable. The legs of this turntable are included in the purchase so it’s up to you to decide in what way would you like to use it. Place it right in your living room to stand on its own or on a shelf or cupboard; its design will be a great addition to you living space. As for the turntable itself, it is very well made. The vinyl wrapped surface will make sure no harm comes to it. This is a 2 speed turntable which can play 7″, 10″ and 12″ records. The belt driven turntable mechanism proves superior in this case as the elastomeric belt will absorb the vibrations instead of the diamond stylus needle, making the sound of this turntable perfect. This brings us to the dynamic full range stereo speakers which will blast your favorite tunes as soon as the record starts spinning. To make sure that the record continues spinning, you will receive an AC power adapter for this versatile turntable. The only thing you might consider a downside when it comes the the Bermuda is the price tag as it is one of the more expensive models of contemporary Crosley products. But it is more than worth it because of the option to use it as a furniture-style turntable.

Crosley CR6233A Bermuda turn table

This turntable can be used both with and without its legs

3 – Crosley CR6019A Executive Briefcase Turntable

This portable turntable is not called the Executive for nothing. Reminiscent of vintage briefcases, this turntable has the most appealing look out of all contemporary Crosley turntables. This is so partly because of the style of the turntable and partly because of the color combinations in which the Executive is available. The black/white, black/brown and red/white color combinations along with the brass plated hardware will make anyone want to have one of these. And if you happen to be in search for one, don’t hesitate. This turntable offers a lot and not just when it comes to its design. It is equipped with all the necessary features which will ensure a great listening experience. Once again, we have the reliable belt driven turntable mechanism placed into this turntable and along with the diamond stylus needle it will provide you with highest quality sound. Some vinyl purists might be dissuaded from purchasing this model because of the fully automatic return tone arm. Why is that? Well, moving mechanisms can add noise, which some consider especially critical on a turntable. There is also the possibility of increasing resonance and adding friction to the tracking arm which might make tracking error great. However, with contemporary turntables a certain degree of automatic features can be used without a severe penalty in sound quality. In the end, this comes down solely to your personal preference. This 3 speed turntable is right up there with the Nomad because of its very useful USB enabled connection to Windows and Mac OS. The supplied software will allow you to record your vinyls and turn them into a digital file. All in all, The Executive is an excellent and good looking turntable.

Crosley CR6019A Executive Briefcase turn table record player

The black/brown color combination of the Executive

4 – CR401 Record Carrier Case

Having a decent record collection means taking good care of it. Preventing damage and warping is pretty important when it comes to having an avid number of record in your possession. This proves to be a tricky situation if you happen to move your records from place to place with your portable turntable. How can you make sure that your records stay safe and in perfect condition when transporting them? Why, the CR401 Record Carrier Case will make sure that nothing unfortunate happens to your records. Being able to carry over 30 records, this record carrier is equipped with heavy duty hardware to ensure maximum sturdiness. Vinyl wrapped surface and corner guards will make sure that nothing touches your collection. The chrome snap closure system will prevent any accidental opening of the case. Even the handle is sturdy enough to withstand punishment because it is made from metal and resin.

Crosley CR401 record carrier case

The carrier case is sturdy enough to protect over 30 records

5 – Crosley CR3022A Ranchero AM/FM Radio

Ranchero is the little brother of the devices we have showed you so far. This nostalgically designed tabletop radio reminds of the time when Crosley was one of the greatest companies in the USA and when they were at the forefront of innovation. Besides its own AM/FM radio feature, you can listen to whatever music you want to by simply plugging in your own music player. The wood style cabinet looks very good with its glossy piano finish and, as it is available in three colors (red, black and white) it can fit in nicely in your home. The durable aluminum grill adds to the vintage look and sturdiness of the radio.

Crosley CR3022A Ranchero am/fm radio

The Ranchero radio reminds of the time when Crosley was at its peak

6 – Crosley: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that Transformed the Nation

Written by David Stern, Micheal A. Banks and Rusty McClure this book might not be a product which bears the Crosley brand but what it does do is chronicle in detail the lives of Powell and Lewis Crosley and their pioneering inventions. With the growth of their massive success and wealth also grew their egos which made them lead the lives unlike many other lead during the Great Depression. This work is filled with stories from surviving family members and shows the path filled with ups and down on which the two brothers were set. If you are interested in finding out more about their lives and what were the times like in the U.S. during their greatest triumphs then, by all means, check this book out.

Crosley: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that transformed the Nation

The cover of Crosley: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that Transformed the Nation

A bit of history of Crosley

Crosley, the name that helped shape the lives of many people in the U.S., is associated with many historical “firsts”. Some of you might not be aware of this but this name helped define the course of broadcasting and consumer products starting with the first affordable radio called “Harko”.

What Powell and Lewis Crosley did is combine their greatest talents, Powell’s innovative nature and Lewis’ business sense, which resulted in one of the most lucrative business ventures ever. Like we said, it all began with the Harko. Powell, who was trying to make a name for himself in the automotive industry, was surprised that the average radio during that time neared the price of $100. Interested in the concept, he began researching and developed his very own radio which was sold for $7, bringing the radio to the masses. This sparked further successes in broadcasting as Crosley was able to start his very own radio station called WLW in 1922. By 1924 Crosley was the largest radio manufacturer in the world.

Their triumphs did not end there as they continued to provide affordable consumer products. They made another hit with the Shelvador, the first refrigerator with shelves placed in the door of the unit in the early 1930s. Another historical achievement which is connected with this name is the purchase of the Cincinnati Reds. What Powell managed to do with this baseball team is to secure a permission to hold games at night and by installing electrical lights on the field and the first ever night game in the history of baseball was held. As the attendance to these games increased so did the profits of the team. High earnings enabled Powell to make his dream come true and have a car under the Crosley brand. It followed their idea of bringing affordable products to the masses and with the addition of a radio dubbed “Roamio” capable of receiving thirty radio stations without losing signal strength. After the purchase of the Crosley Radio Corporation by the Aviation Corporation in 1946, the brand name exchanged owners several times, it was even unused for a time. Today, the name lives on albeit no one named Crosley has an affiliation to the brand and the company produces fine audio equipment designed in the vintage style.

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