In our recent article about the best products which Crosley has to offer, it was mentioned that the recent return of vinyl records to popularity has resulted in 9.2 million records sold in 2014. However, to play all of your freshly purchased records you need a good record player. That is why the aforementioned article featured some of the best record players available today and we have decided that some of them deserve their own time under the spotlight, namely the CR6232A Nomad.

Crosley CR6232A Nomad is an excellent piece of audio equipment which embodies the core values of what this company is about. This turntable is a perfect combination of modern technology and retro design.

Nomad turntable mechanism

The belt-driven mechanism and diamond stylus needle offer sound of the best quality

With the Crosley CR6232A Nomad you can take your vinyl music with you anywhere you want. This is made possible because the turntable mechanism is housed in a vintage style briefcase. It will even remain entirely safe and scratch free as you carry it around thanks to the grill cloth woven into it. The chrome snap closure system will prevent any chance of the turntable opening by accident and will further enhance the safety of the turntable mechanism.

As for the mechanism, this turntable features a belt-driven turntable mechanism which is a good one to use as it will absorb vibrations that the diamond stylus needle usually absorbs, so there will be no loss in sound quality.

Nomad speakers

The Nomad is equipped with powerful dynamic full-range stereo speakers

The Nomad is a 3 speed turntable which means it can play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. It also supports the option of playing 7″, 10″ and 12″ records so nothing from your record collection will be left unused. Your favorite music will be played through powerful dynamic full-range stereo speakers and in case you want to listen by yourself, this turntable has a headphone jack. It is also equipped with an auxiliary input and RCA output, essentially everything an audiophile might need.

Nomad software suite

The Nomad can be connected to your computer via a USB cable

The best feature of this turntable is its USB port which allows you to connect it to your computer. With the included software suite you will be able to convert your records into digital files as long as your computer uses Mac OS or Windows.

All in all, the Crolsey CR6232A Nomad turntable is an excellent piece of audio equipment which you should definitely get if you are looking to either start a record collection or already have one. It’s not called the Nomad for nothing, just pick it up and carry it no matter where ever you go.

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