CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife


We all know that a pocket knife should be a part of your EDC. You never know when you need to cut something; as a handyman or a survival situation. Well, most knives, tend to be exceptionally difficult to clean. However, that is most definitely not the case with the CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife.

Apart from being an awesome looking knife, the Homefront Pocket Knife features an impressively unique design.

So, without further ado, we introduce CRKT’s “Field Strip” technology!

CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife with all of its components

The Field Strip Technology allows you to completely disassemble the knife without any tools.

Chances are, that as you use your knife, it acquires quite a bit of gunk on the inside. Thanks to Ken Onion from Columbia River Knife and Tool, cleaning this knife couldn’t be any easier. The Field Strip technology allows you to completely disassemble the knife without any tools. This also means that your knife will never fail since you can keep it clean. Check out the video below.

CRKT Homefront pocket knife being held by someone

This knife features a AUS 8 Stainless steel blade and a 6061 Aircraft-Grade aluminum body.

Furthermore, to disassemble the knife, simply hold in the closed position. You then push the front release lever away from the blade. Spin the turn release wheel on the rear of the handle away from the pivot shaft; and then pull the handle up and away from the blade. Besides, reassembly is as simple as following those steps in reverse.

CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife front and back view

It’s got a rustic look that commemorates WWI while having futuristic tech inside.

In addition to this, this knife features a bayonet lug-style flipper that opens the 3.5” drop point blade smoothly. The blade is also made from AUS 8 stainless steel. While the handles are 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. Essentially, it has a classic look with a futuristic inside.

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