CrewSeekers Allows You To Gain Or Join A Sailing Crew

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Let’s face it, being out on the open ocean has a liberation that is difficult to describe. For many, it is the epitome of freedom; the cool ocean breeze flowing through your hair, the excitement of exploring uncharted waters, the satisfaction of being out in the sun. Well, if you feel that you need a change of life, or if you have a boat and need a crew, then CrewSeekers is exactly what you need.

Designed for both professional and amateur boating and sailing enthusiasts alike CrewSeekers takes the hassle out of it.

Firstly, it’s completely free to browse all of their sailing opportunities, and they have numerous opportunities for yacht crew. This includes everything from daysailing to transocean, and they offer their services worldwide and for all experience levels.

However, it isn’t just for people seeking a crew position, CrewSeekers is also for owners and skippers that need a crew. It also allows you to select member based on their experience levels, and monetary compensation needs.

Check CrewSeekers out here.

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