Oh, yes! It’s that time of the year! The time to overindulge in everything – shopping, eating, being merry, sleeping, relaxing. Admit it! Despite outwardly being disgusted with consumerism that is rampant during the holiday season, you love the season itself. For a few days, we make our homes look like winter wonderland, we eat wonderfully rich food, indulge in eggnog, relax with our families and become utterly hedonistic.

Now, there are a few things associated with Christmas and Christmas alone. The aforementioned eggnog being one of them. Christmas decorations, singing carols, impatiently waiting to receive and give gifts…. And, of course, there is the Christmas tree. Nothing says “the festivities are here” like having a glittery Christmas tree up. Decorating one is usually a lot of fun unless your pets or kids decide to ruin it for you by accidentally knocking it over afterwards.

If you are constantly searching for novel, original or unusual ways to decorate your tree each year, like yours truly, please allow us to suggest several. We have searched the Internet left and right for the most authentic Christmas trees and here is our selection. Use these ideas to decorate your tree in your very own unique style and we are sure that you will get a few “wow’s” from your family and friends. A word of warning – these are anything but your typical Christmas trees – they are more ‘think out of the box’ trees.

We wish you a peaceful and Merry Christmas!

1. Fruit Christmas tree – Ideal for those who have plenty of tropical fruits at their disposal. It will also make a great centerpiece for your table.
Fruit Christmas tree

2. Book Christmas tree – All you bookworms out there, pay attention. This one is for you.
Book Christmas tree

3. Environmentally friendly Christmas tree – Now this is a super easy tree to decorate. Just get a few pieces of wood of different length, pin them to your wall and decorate to your heart’s content.
Environmentally friendly Christmas tree

4. Floral Christmas tree – Decorating Christmas tree with flowers? Why not!
Floral Christmas tree

5. DIY Christmas tree – This one is for guys who want to invest minimum decorating effort and yet still have an original Christmas tree.
DIY Christmas tree

6. Shelf Christmas tree – Perfect for small places. Turn your existing shelves into a Christmas tree.
Shelf Christmas tree

7. Money Christmas tree – Yeah, we know. This goes against the very gist of Christmas. Regardless, it’s fun, isn’t it?
Money Christmas tree

8. Floating Christmas tree – One of the cheapest and yet the most original trees.
Floating Christmas tree

9. King Kong Christmas tree – Admit it, this tree is guaranteed to make your friends and family laugh.
King Kong Christmas tree

10. Tipee Christmas tree – Simple, stunning and cost / time-saving.
Tipee Christmas tree

11. “I am broke and lazy” Christmas tree – Self-explanatory, yet hilarious.
“I am broke and lazy” Christmas tree
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