Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill


There’s nothing better than enjoying an afternoon barbecue with family and friends on the weekend. Whether you’re an experienced cook or not, Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill will provide the flavor of charcoal grilling with ease. In this kamado-style grill you can grill, smoke or sear meat, fish and veggies.

What’s very good about the ceramic construction is that it will keep the temperature constant throughout cooking since it retains heat. This manliest of grills is made from high-grade ceramics that will allow you to cook for hours and not struggle with retaining the perfect temperature. Another thing that contributes to the ultimate heat control is the dual vent system responsible for less fire tending.

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill Opened

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill is a kamado-style charcoal grill you can use to grill, smoke or sear food.

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill features 254 square inches of cooking area on a stainless steel grate. It also has a stainless steel cart with folding wooden side shelves, an integrated thermometer as well as an easy lifting wood handle. The side shelves can come in very handy for additional space where you can hold all the plates, pots, spices and cutlery but also as an area where you can prepare the meat.

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill Thermometer

Because of the ceramics and the dual vent system, this grill retains heat and maintains the perfect temperature for hours. It features an integrated thermometer.

The quality of this grill is one of its most important features since it was constructed out of the very best materials. To prove that, all ceramic parts come with a lifetime guarantee, metal and iron parts with a 5-year warranty and wooden parts are warranted for a year. The dimensions of the cooking grid are 19 3/8 x 19 3/8 inches.

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill Cooking Area

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill has a stainless steel grate. Also, there are folding wooden shelves on each side that can be useful for storing necessary items.

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