Corkcicle One | Wine Chiller And Aerator


In one of our previous features (about MENU’s wine breather) we spoke about the importance of aerating wine before you drink it. Aeration augments the wine’s aromatic profile and flavours while lessening its astringency. Now, if you manage to chill it down to the perfect temperature, your palate will be eternally grateful to you. Corkcicle ONE is just the right gadget for that.

This state-of-the-art aerator will momentarily enhance the wine’s flavour as you pour it, as well as cool-down red wines and maintain the chilled whites at just the right temperature. Corkcicle.ONE is made from stainless steel, it contains freezing gel which can keep the wine chilled for up to an hour, an integrated cap with an easy-pour spout, and a built-in aerator.

Corkcicle wine chiller and aerator

So, how do you use this next generation wine chiller and aerator? First and foremost, you need to keep in the freezer between uses. Pour out an ounce of wine to make room for Corkcicle.ONE, stick the frozen chiller into your wine bottle and allow it to do its magic, lift up the integrated cap and pour from bottle to glass. As you are doing this, the wine will immediately aerate. The manufacturer recommends to wait between five and ten minutes for the wine to reach the perfect temperature. Another great feature about Corkcicle.ONE is that you don’t need to take it out of the bottle to pour.

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Corkcicle wine chiller and aerator

Corkcicle wine chiller

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