The furniture designers of today are getting more innovative by the day, especially in their choice of materials. Take Jasper Morrison, for example, and the range of stools he designed for the brand Vitra called Cork Family. This is a refreshingly simple and charmingly quirky yet robustly built set of three stools made from solid turned cork with untreated surface.

You are probably thinking of how unstable and unreliable cork is as a furniture material, but allow us to convince you otherwise. Although quite light, cork is surprisingly tough and has a very enjoyable soft feel. Cork is also a completely natural material, renewable and 100% biodegradable. Additionally, it is sustainable because it is harvested from the bark of Cork Oak Tree which doesn’t need to be cut down in order to produce cork. Cork is also warm and naturally waterproof. And here is an unusual piece of cork trivia for you. Cork was actually invented by a famous French monk called Dom Perignon, in the 1600s. Yes, that Dom Perignon, after whom the exclusive French Champagne is named.

Cork Stools by Vitra

Jasper Morrison’s Cork Stools are timeless pieces and can serve as a wonderful focal point in your room whether you actually use them as stools or maybe side tables. However, their application is not only limited to living rooms. You can place them just about anywhere – in your garden, bathroom, spa etc. Due to their natural colour and simple style, they will perfectly compliment any colour scheme you have going in your home. The dimensions of the stools from the Cork Family are 31cm (W) x 31cm (D) x 33cm (H). And, since the Cork Stools are made from unsealed agglomerate cork, they will develop a wonderful patina over time.

Cork Stools

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