Cycling has endured all advances in technology and remained one of the most popular means of transport. Still, it has had its share of technological advancement and the Copenhagen Wheel might easily be the revolutionary one.

Raising awareness about environment problems also aided cycling popularity. However, there are some practical issues that put people off cycling and towards some easier transportation options. Long commutes can be tiring and difficult terrain with loads of hills is probably the biggest enemy of your decision to turn to cycling. The Copenhagen Wheel will change all that.

It turns your bike into a hybrid by capturing the energy you use when you cycle and brake and then uses it to automatically give you a helping push when you need it. The wheel includes a motor, removable batteries, WiFi connectivity the purpose of which we’ll explain later, smart locking, loads of sensors and control system.

Instructions to install the Copenhagen Wheel

The Wheel learns how you pedal and seamlessly integrates with your moves reducing the amount of effort required to surpass a certain part of the road, usually a hill. The sensors detect when you pedal harder and kicks in to give you extra boost. There are no throttles or any other additional commands; you simply use the bike as you usually do.

Mind you, Copenhagen Wheel is just that – a wheel, not a complete bike. You simply replace your rear wheel with it and that’s it. It is a simple, compact and stylish makeover for your bike. WiFi connectivity is used to connect the wheel to the application for your phone. The application enables you to use your phone to customize your ride, monitor your physical activity, such as the number of burnt calories, for example, as well as gather information from the environment. Of course all of the gathered data can be shared with other cyclists.

The creators say that their mission is ‘transforming urban mobility’ and, seeing this, they are well on their way to do so. We see no reason why this kind of technology wouldn’t be used in all bikes in the future. watch video below

Copenhagen Wheel in use

Copenhagen Wheel 5

Copenhagen Wheel 4

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