Finding a quality cooler that’s really outstanding all around may not be an easy task – all those specifications to bear in mind, you need to compare the prices, make sure you don’t forget to check warranty lists, ask about potential crashing risks and likelihood of lengthy repairs, inquire about odds of unexpected malfunctioning on the go, servicing options at hand, and yes, you should skim through online comments to learn more about consumer experiences, and all that hassle… Is it even worth your nerves, not to mention time and money? Do you really, truly, badly need a cooler this summer after all? Well, just maybe, before eventually giving up the quest for that one ideal cooling device, you may want to take a look at the Coolest Cooler by entrepreneur and product developer Ryan Grepper. An amazing blend of cooling functions, blender features, wireless audio streaming, on-the-go charging capacities and much more, the Coolest is the ultimate 21st-century cooler that beats by far all other regular appliances of the kind and offers limitless outdoor fun to max out your summer cheer.

Coolest Cooler power supply

Currently fundraising on Kickstarter as a second take on the concept of the world’s most versatile cooler (Grepper announced the first version in December 2013 but failed to raise enough funds), the Coolest packs a ton of handy features you may need on the go in one ultra-versatile and highly portable 60-quart box. The tough-looking cooler fitted with a pull handle, reinforced wheels with wide beach tires and a set of tie-down points, the Coolest promises easy transport and maximum safety for the stuff you decide to pack inside and all the extra gear you crowd on top of it (such as blankets, lawn chairs, towels, toys, fishing lines, grill, sleeping bag and so on). The long list of the cooler features includes a built-in ice-crushing blender with a 18 volt rechargeable battery – this means enough power to prepare over 6 gallons of blended drinks and smoothies on a single charge.

There’s also a removable waterproof speaker that easily pairs with your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device within 15 feet of range for 8 hours of wireless music streaming wherever and whenever you like it best. Another practical addition to the feature list is the integrated waterproof USB charger which allows you to juice up your electronic gadgets from the 18-volt cooler battery – now, that’s something you won’t find in any other cooling device. Furthermore, the lid of the cooler is fitted with unbreakable LED lights, so digging out your drinks in low-light conditions will no longer be a cause of frostbitten fingers on camping trips – just switch on the lights by a simple push of a button and voilà, your chilled drinks are served. And if you chance to forget the bottle opener when packing or you’re just too lazy to go fishing for it in that over-crammed beach bag, the Coolest cooler will save you the hassle as it swiftly uncaps any bottle thanks to its practical built-in opener.

Coolest Cooler

With the extra storage space, you no longer have to worry about transport of sensitive items such as plates, cutlery or salad bowls – just store them safely in the neat cubby and they’ll stay safe until you next need them. Plus, the cooler storage space comes with a split lid design, with the removable divider doubling as a cutting board for the included ceramic rust-proof pairing knife. This means that you can keep your beverages and ice divided in two separate units to reduce inflow of hot air when opening the lid, or use one of the two units as a dry refrigerator to pack sandwiches, meat, dairy products and other fresh food that may go off easily.

Coolest Cooler cutting surface

And if this doesn’t sound convincing enough to you – wait for it – a dual-burning docking grill with 20,000 BTU that sits on top of the cooler for simple transport is also available for purchase together with the Coolest – now that’s the final piece of gear you may need for super-handy on-site food roasting and grilling for the entire camping crew.

Yes, it’s everything you’re looking for and more, right there in the box: with its all-in-one design, the portable Coolest cooler offers all that you could ever need on any outdoor adventure, picnic, camping trip or a seaside vacation – and for that sort of versatility and multifunctionality, any price is more than affordable. Keep cool, order your cooler today and get the most out of your outdoor fun this summer! watch video below

Coolest Cooler storage

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