Coolbox Toolbox might look just like a common toolbox, but it is greatly improved, therefore it is absolutely different. While featuring everything a usual toolbox does, it has many amazing additions, which make it look truly futuristic.

This storage has all the compartments that can be found in an ordinary storage; however this is not as important as the other inventive stuff it offers. Probably the first thing you will notice on this modern, rugged looking toolbox meant for people who enjoy messing with DIY projects are USB ports. They are powered by the internal rechargeable battery that also juices up other things Coolbox features, such as Bluetooth speakers, a clock and LED flood lights.

Coolbox Toolbox specs and features

It weighs about 14 pounds and you can load up to 65 pounds in its 1800 cubic inches of space. Even when it is fully loaded, you will not have troubles moving it from one place to another, since it has two handles and even the wheels. Also, there is another very helpful thing – a magnetic lid to which you can attach loose screws or bolts in order not to lose them. Under the lid a whiteboard can be found, which can be really useful if you need to write down some notes or instructions.

Coolbox Toolbox advanced toolbox

Keep in mind that this is a 21st century’s toolbox, so its two tablet stands, one on the top of it and the other on the inside, do not come as a surprise. This gives you so many opportunities such as watching the how-to videos or following some advice right on the spot. It comes with a 10-foot power cord, as well. The last, but totally not the least is the integrated bottle opener, which is an essential item on every job site, beside the beer, of course. Coolbox is going to be available this June for the price of $299, but if you decide to support their unbelievably rising Indiegogo campaign, it can be yours for only $179, which is not expensive compared to what it offers.

Coolbox Toolbox features

Coolbox is not only going to change the way you have been looking at toolboxes in general, but also the whole market, since it brings so many innovations that cannot pass unnoticed, which means every company that is into producing this kind of items is going to try to beat this and it can be anything but easy. watch video below

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Coolbox Toolbox with power cord

Coolbox Toolbox with tablet stand

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