The Cook Sharp chef’s knife by Misen is exactly what you need to let your creative juices run wild while preparing a tasty home-cooked meal. Having good cooking pots and pans is also something that might help you, but all of them are secondary to a good and reliable chef’s knife. Every inch of the knife was designed in a way which helps you perform slicing, chopping and cutting with ease. From the beginning of its handle, to the tip of the blade, Cook Sharp combines the best design aspects of Western and Japanese style chef’s knives to bring joy back into your kitchen.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here

Cook Sharp cutting techniques

The combination of Western and Japanese styles makes the Cook Sharp useful for all cutting techniques.

Finding a good and reliable chef’s knife can be a very difficult task because the market is over-saturated with knives of various shapes, sizes and features which you may never have the need to use, not to mention that most of those knives are unreasonably priced. Because of these issues, the people behind Misen decided to create a knife which can satisfy all of your needs and still be affordable. The steel used in the making of this blade is Japansese AUS-8 high carbon steel which makes the entire knife extremely durable and makes a very useful feature possible. As most chef’s knives have a 25 degree blade angle, Misen opted for this steel because it allows them to make the Cook Sharp with a 15 degree blade angle. The result of this design aspect is that the blade is far sharper than your average chef’s knife.

Cook Sharp blade

Cook Sharp’s 15 degree angle blade is much sharper than the the blades you usually use.

Cook Sharp’s handle was made from durable thermoplastic which adds to the longevity of the entire knife. To make it easier for both left and right handed people to properly grip and handle the knife, its grind was made completely symmetrical. We’ve already mentioned the combination of styles incorporated in the design of Cook Sharp, and it’s exactly this that makes it possible for you to employ several cutting techniques with it. Experienced cooks already know that Western blades are better for cutting with a rocking motion, while Japanese ones are more favorable for slicing. Cook Sharp lets you shift between all cutting techniques, removing the need of having to own several chef’s knives for each task at hand.

Cook Sharp sharpening

Misen offers free lifetime sharpening so your Cook Sharp can always stay in top condition

However, there is no such a thing as a perfect chef’s knife because, sooner or later, the blade will get dull. But Misen thought about this issue as well, and offers free lifetime sharpening to all who purchase this blade. This bring us to where one might get a Cook Sharp. This knife is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter and one of these amazing knives can be yours for just $55 (there are additional pre-order options which let you purchase several of them).

Pre-order from Kickstarter here

Check out Cook Sharp’s Kickstarter promo video.

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