Although many of you might think that wall clocks have become the thing of the past, we are always on the search for something that will make you think differently. And we have found just the thing for you –  Concrete Wall Clock designed by Taiwan-based studio 22designstudio. This is a thought-provoking 4th dimension timepiece that is made entirely from concrete in the shape of a spiral staircase.

The designers say that the clock’s unique design will help you “envision the concept of time by its constantly evolving patterns of light and shade” which change with the each passing minute. Concrete Wall Clock does not only tell time, but it also engages you to view the fourth dimension thus linking the concepts of time and space. The clock has hands on its top level that constantly go down and up as time passes.

4th dimension concrete wall clock

22designstudio selected concrete as the material of choice for this wall clock because of its understated elegance. The designers have also sought inspiration in concrete buildings created by Japanese architect Tadao Ando which have “a simple shape but a strong concept”. Concrete Wall Clock is handmade from high-density cement and stainless steel and its dimensions are H 90, Φ 108, D 144 mm. [via]

wall clock by 22 design studio

4th dimension concrete wall clock

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