Concrete Canvas Ltd. manufacture a ground breaking material technology called Concrete Canvas that allows concrete to be used in a completely new way.

Concrete Canvas was originally developed for the award winning Concrete Canvas Shelters, a building in a bag that requires only water and air for construction.”
– Concrete Canvas Ltd.

The two extremely different materials each have distinctive features. Canvas is very easy to use, transport, form and operate, but it is not the most durable one, while concrete is very hard and heavy, and takes time to form and settle, but it is one of the most robust and long-lasting materials available.

Exterior front-side view of the Concrete Canvas Shelter in Saudi Arabia

The people from Concrete Canvas Ltd., a company from the UK, managed to combine the two materials emphasizing their best qualities and mutually excluding the weaknesses.

Additionally, the form of the building is remarkably easy to achieve, due to the fact that you simply need to inflate it.

Interior of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

How does it work?

You will love this. The canvas itself is impregnated with concrete, but still flexible enough when you position it on the location. Once you find the right place for it, it is unfolded and inflated using a fan. Once the structure is fully inflated, it should be sprayed with water which has the function of hardening the concrete that is inside the fibers of the canvas.

Depending on the type of the construction, this process can be done in less than one hour and by two previously untrained people.

Deployment procedure for the concrete canvas shelter

After only 24 hours you can expect to start using the full capacities of the concrete canvas shelter. Upon hardening of the concrete, the entire structure becomes resistant to fire and water and it can be expected to last for about 10 years.

Its military use is obvious, but it can also be used in operations following disasters as a temporary home for the people affected by the disaster. They are quickly deployable and easy to build with very simple equipment, providing people with surprisingly spacious, civilized, clean and highly protective shelter that is ready to be used in less than 24 hours.

They are not available for consumer use at the moment, but it seems that it is only a question of time when you will be able to inflate your own concrete home. watch video below

Exterior of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

Exterior front view of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

Exterior front view of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

Fire resistant material of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

Interior of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

Interior space of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

Interior of the Concrete Canvas Shelter

[images via Concrete Canvas UK]

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