Off to take the best dive of your life, feast your eyes on coral reefs and explore the great wide deep in full detail? Don’t forget to take your Oceanic DataMask with you! Mind you, DataMask is not just another fancy diver mask on the market – it really brings cool innovations that will make your scuba life a whole lot easier and considerably improve your diving experience.

Inspired by the military diving masks, DataMask by Oceanic features an advanced air-integrated dive computer built directly into the mask. The tiny LCD panel allows you to focus on the dive site marvels while displaying crucial dive data, such as current depth, cylinder pressure, elapsed dive time and dive time remaining (shown in seconds and minutes), all with an outstanding one-second sampling rate, and you can also choose to download and analyze the data on your PC after you’re done with your dive for the day. Also, for those cautious about visibility, the built-in proprietary Digital Optic System provides a highly magnified image of the LCD which remains visible regardless of environmental conditions so you need not worry about incidentally overlooking it.

Professional scuba mask

DataMask offers a genuine hands-free diving experience while preserving convenience and safety during your dive as its custom audible alarms, including Elapsed Dive Time, Countdown Timer, Turn-Around Pressure Alarm and (3) Independent Max Depth Alarms, are bound to warn you as soon as you get into a risky diving zone. The patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm analyzes the current depth, breathing rate, cylinder pressure, ascent time and decompression status to estimate the time you may remain underwater with utmost accuracy.

Datamask HUD scuba mask

The DataMask system is also the first free-diving computer to calculate and track Nitrogen Tissue Loading Bar Graph Alarm which lets you switch between scuba dives and free dives in a single dive day. In addition to a wide variety of advanced user settings and options, you can decide to set the OceanGlo® backlight duration and intensity either on the surface or underwater and fine-tune the display to ensure clear view while preventing potential visual distractions. You can easily replace the batteries after you’ve used the juice up, and in addition to the computer mask and transmitter, the original pack also includes a PC cable and software for subsequent data download, as well as a neat protective case, MicroNet towel, buff pre-cleaner and Sea Gold Anti-Fog gel.

Scuba mask by Oceanic

Also in the same category you might want to check out is Easybreath Snorkeling Mask which features an innovative dual air-flow system that eliminates all the condensation from the mask, thus cancelling out the need for the wearer to breathe through the mouth while underwater and doing away with any potential misting.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself the Oceanic DataMask and make the most of your diving experience! DataMask let you roam free and enjoy the best of your dive sites while keeping you up to date with your vital diving data.

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