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Hunting is one of the oldest skills developed by man and it’s so primal and basic that it just can’t get old. One of the basic weapons used for hunting are a bow and arrow so if you want to try out this activity or you’re a hunter who wants to expand the weapon collection, the Xpectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set might be come in handy. The main benefits of this bow are that it’s compact, reliable and affordable.

This survival bow and arrow set comes with a carrying pouch. The bow measures only 16 inches in length and it can be neatly packed almost anywhere. What makes it so compact are the detachable fiberglass and resin limbs that you can slip in neatly in the quiver and carry it on your back. The bow can also be worn attached to your backpack while hiking and it also fits easily in the back of your car with the rest of your gear.

Xpectre Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow with pouch and 3 arrows, diagonally oriented, on a white background.

The Nomad Survival Bow is lightweight, measures only 16 inches, and it comes with a carrying pouch and 3 arrows

Assembling the Xpectre Survival Bow is easy and you don’t need any tools to do it. Just slip the limbs together with the riser, string the bow and you’re ready to fire away. Most survival bows manufactured these days aren’t this compact and are much more costly so this one is a great choice for all the people who want to go on an adventure but it’s also a good back-up bow for professional hunters. Its light weight makes it easy to carry around.

Xpectre Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow, assembled, with arrows and pouch, on a white background, landscape.

This compact survival bow has detachable fiberglass and resin limbs so it can e easily disassembled and neatly packed

Whether you’re a survival enthusiast, a hunter, backpacker, or you just want to practice target shooting, the Compact Take-down Survival Bow is a practical, versatile and affordable option. The three take-down survival arrows with field points simply screw together and fit perfectly in the pouch you can carry on your back or around the waist. The bow has an included arrow rest and all risers are ambidextrous so it’s suitable for both left-handed and right-handed persons. Along with the bow, 3 arrows and the pouch, you’ll also get a manual describing bow hunting techniques, tips on how to preserve raw meat without refrigeration and other useful survival instructions.

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Xpectre Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow, disassembled, with a pouch and 3 arrows, on a white background.

Besides the compact bow, three arrows and the pouch, this survival kit also includes a manual with useful survival tips and hunting techniques

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