Columbia Turns Clothing Tags Into Survival Tools

Well-known outdoor brand Columbia came up with a unique idea to turn useless instruction clothing labels into survival tools. So next time you get one of Columbia items, it will include this extremely useful addition.

The idea behind it is the company’s philosophy to make each product serve a purpose. And what better way to help a person who’s out in the wild than to provide him with the ultimate multi-purpose survival tool. Speaking of the new tags, they are made of stainless steel and can be used as a range of different tools. To be precise- a sewing, fishing, sextant, handsaw, purifier and sundial tool.

Four Columbia Survival Tags

Instead of regular clothing tags, Columba turned to useful multipurpose survival tools- a sewing, fishing, sextant, handsaw, purifier and sundial tool.

With these sets, Columbia made sure you’re good if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. For example, if your clothes get ripped, you’re left with no water or food, need to cut something or you lost track of your location. We must agree how useful it is to campers, hikers and explorers. Don’t get mistaken, you’ll still have your clothing size and washing information, just on the other side of it.

Columbia Purifier Being Used

New tags are made from stainless steel. In case you find yourself in an unexpected situation, just take them from your clothing item and use in different ways.

These new tags will come with instructions on how to take care of them. Also, each tool will have a video that shows you step by step how to use it. Just make sure to watch them and learn all the necessary info before you head out. It’s still not confirmed when new tags will hit the market, but it is expected to be soon. watch video below

Columbia Mini Saw Being Used

Regular size and washing information are on the one side of the tag.

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