Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket


Apparently, Columbia isn’t stopping the innovation process. After the decision to turn regular clothing labels into useful multi tool survival tags, now they have another cool announcement for Spring 2017. Having in mind our responsibility towards the environment, they created Outdry Extreme Eco, a high-performance rain jacket that’s environmentally friendly.

They decided to stop using PFCs, synthetic compounds usually found in rain jackets. What PFCs do is influence materials to repel water in order to get a waterproof jacket. The question is, why is Columbia’s decision to stop using PFCs so important? Well, they found a new technology that does exactly the same without negatively impacting the environment.

A Guy On A River Waring Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket

Columbia decided to eliminate PFCs from the production of rain jackets and switch to their new OutDry Extreme technology.

The new OutDry Extreme technology keeps the high performance and ultimate rain protection while delivering a sustainable jacket. In fact, Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco is made 100% out of recycled polyester that equals to around 21 recycled bottles. Yes, you’ve heard it! Just by using this material the company reduces the need of oil and plastic waste. Hopefully, other companies implement this idea.

A Guy Hiking In Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket

Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco uses only recycled polyester.

Columbia didn’t stop there. By deciding to eliminate the fabric dyeing, they save around 13.5 gallons of water per jacket. Also, hangtags are super slim, the paper used is 100% recycled and even the shipping carton boxes are single-walled, using 30% less materials.

Two People On A Bout Wearing Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket

One jacket uses 21 recycled bottles and saves 13.5 gallons of water.

The jacket itself is super easy to take care of. It won’t trap dirt and stains and you can simply wipe it to get it clean. When the jacket comes to the end of its life, instead of throwing it away, you can donate it to ReThreads program. watch video below

Two Images Of Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket

If you don’t need your jacket anymore, you can donate it to Columbia’s ReThreads program.

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