Let’s face it – we all mop our floors regularly, wash our cars once in a while, do our share of gardening now and then, and we even fumble around with various vessels on those rainy autumn evenings when our roofs start to leak and drip (well, at least most of us do, sometimes). Still, there’s no denying that lugging around a hefty unsightly bucket for those ’just in case I need it’ purposes does take a bit off your sophisticated style – and that’s precisely why you might want to check out the latest design by Infusion Living, the so-called Collapsible Bucket.

Neat-looking, durable and practical, the Collapsible Bucket is made from a silicon construction and fitted with a stainless steel handle, so you can easily fold it down to a pack sizing less than two inches for ultra-simple storage and super-easy portability when you don’t need it. For added versatility, the Collapsible Bucket comes with four adjustable height options and set to its largest configuration, it can hold up to two gallons of water or any other liquid.

Measuring 12 x 1.8 x 14 inches and weighing as few as two pounds, the Collapsible Bucket is a convenient accessory for any everyday house chore, an afternoon of backyard car washing, a weekend spent caravanning or camping, doing various gardening tasks, going fishing and a wide range of other indoor and outdoor buckety tasks. Order your extremely versatile bucket today and make sure you always have a spare Collapsible in your trunk or garage – in this crazy and unpredictable world of ours, you never know when an extra bucket might come in handy.

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Folding bucket

Folding bucket

Collapsible bucket from infusion living reforms

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