Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike

from $383.80

If you were looking for the perfect ride to take you back to your childhood, then we have just what you need. Combining elements that induce nostalgia with reliability, the Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike is just what you need for years of family fun.

Compact but powerful, this Trail Bike is designed to be used by adults and children alike. It also doesn’t compromise on power.

Man using the Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike

The Coleman Mini Trail Bike is compact but powerful. This model comes with a 196cc engine.

The Powersports Trail Bike features two engine options; 3.0 hp, and, the one that we are featuring, 6.5 hp. The 6.5 comes with a 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine that measures in at 196cc. It also features an easy pull start operation.

Man using the Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike in sand

The low pressure tires ensures a smooth and easy ride, no matter the terrain.

In addition to this, it comes with a rugged frame, and added utility racks for carrying goods. To ensure that you have maximum stopping capacity, the ColemanTrail Bike features a rear disc brake for instantaneous stopping. Check out the video below.

Back view of a man using the Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike

Not just for adults, the Coleman Mini is also aptly suited for children.

Furthermore, for the optimal ride comfort, the Powersports comes with low pressure tires that give you a smooth and soft ride, even on exceptionally rugged terrain. It also has a top speed of about 25 mph.

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