Coffee aficionados know best the refreshing nature of chilled coffee, and, now that the temperatures are rising and the days are getting hotter, we recommend that everyone gets familiar with it. There are many ways to make chilled ice coffee but it still takes some practice to get it just right. However, this process is made very simple with the Coil Coffee Chiller. This easy-to-use device is capable of dropping the temperature of your favorite beverage from 210 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit in a couple of minutes. Almost no hassle and no waiting for extended periods of time. The Coil Coffee Chiller consists of 3 pieces: lid, middle container with stainless steel tubing and the bottom container with a spout, all of which are ceramic pieces.

Coil Coffee Chiller material

This 3-piece ceramic coffee chiller can drop the temperature of your coffee in just a couple of minutes

The Coil Coffee Chiller doesn’t need complicated instructions to use it properly; you need to take the lid off and fill the middle piece equipped with 9 feet of steel tubing with ice and water. After that, you can brew coffee directly into this chiller or just pour it in, whatever suits you better. Wait a couple of minutes, and your chilled and refreshing coffee is ready to be served from the container.

Coil Coffee Chiller preparation

Very simple to use, the Coil Coffee Chiller will make hot summer days easy to bare

Misc. Goods Co. is responsible for the design of the Coil Coffee Chiller and it will prove useful to all people who are strongly rooted in today’s coffee culture. The Coil Coffee Chiller is the most simple way to reinvigorate yourself on a hot summer day.

Check out the Coil Coffee Chiller in action.

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