Performing tangible work outdoors can provide you with a lot of satisfaction, but it doesn’t come without sacrificing some things which come easy in an office. Coffee for instance, as coffee makers are mostly breakable and tend to be easily damaged on the worksite. Luckily, the fellas at OXX have made something geared towards construction and workshop workers, or people who tend to break their stuff a lot, so that they too can enjoy their favorite coffee brew on the site. Their coffee maker is called COFFEEBOXX and it is efficient, easy to maintain, and, most importantly, indestructible.

COFFEEBOXX toughness

The COFFEEBOXX is the world’s toughest coffee maker

Let’s see just how good does the COFFEEBOXX work. Its chassis houses a single serve coffee machine which is capable of providing you with a cup of your favorite brew in under 90 seconds. There is no time to mess around when on the job because every second is precious. Now that we’ve mentioned the chassis, we have to say a few more things about its durability.

COFFEEBOXX crush-proof

The crush-proof shell of the COFFEEBOX makes it capable of withstanding a 1/4 of a ton load

The COFFEEBOXX chassis is impact-resistant and has a crush-proof core which is capable of withstanding a quarter of a ton load. You can literally drive your truck over it and have a coffee break immediately after. It is also water and dust-resistant so you don’t have to be picky about where you’re going to place it. Even its 85 oz. water tank is entirely spill-proof, so no water gets wasted while you transport this bad boy. With its sturdy handle, you will be able to carry it around your workplace with no effort.

COFFEEBOXX portability

The COFFEEBOXX is easy to carry around, thanks to its handle

As for the maintenance of the COFFEEBOXX, it is not difficult at all. When it gets too dirty, spray it down with a hose, and you’re done. If you like products which bear the label “world’s toughest”, then the COFFEEBOX is just the thing for you. The COFFEEBOXX is the world’s toughest coffee maker, by far.

Get it from Amazon here.

Check out a video about the COFFEEBOXX by OXX.

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