Coelux Artificial Light Simulates Tropical And Nordic Light

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We just love smart designs. Here at jebiga, we featured a lot of them and are proud to present CoeLux. This Italian company has a solution for all those dark rooms without a window, or simply for people who want additional light. Their unique lighting system is there to bring the effect of natural sunlight and clear blue sky in your rooms.

CoeLux is based on nano technology and does a great job at bringing the amazing visual appearance. You simply won’t believe what you see isn’t real. Nano particles produce the Rayleigh scattering, which makes the color blue. Similar technology is used for the effect of depth and the one where the sun appears to be far away.

A Room With Coelux Artificial Light

CoeLux is an Italian company that produces artificial lighting systems.

CoeLux offers a few products. CoeLux 45 feature a 45-degree solar elevation angle with just the right balance of light and shade. CoeLux 45 LC is made for ceiling installation. The same goes for 45 HC, that’s at the same time the largest skylight they offer. If you prefer it on the wall and not the ceiling, there’s the CoeLux 45 SQUARE.

A Bathroom With Coelux Artificial Light

They do an amazing job at bringing the effect of natural sunlight and clear blue sky.

For those who prefer more of a tropical light, CoeLux 60 features a 60-degree solar elevation angle. It’s designed for the ceiling and brings the highest contrast, the sharpest shadows and the minimum level of glare. The next versions should be developed to reduce the power consumption (right now it consumes 340W). Also, users will be able to change the colour temperature in the future. [viawatch video below

An Office Using Coelux Artificial Light

Coelux comes in different models, depending what you prefer. The angle of light can be different as well as the location- the ceiling or a wall.

A Bathroom With Coelux Artificial Light

Coelux uses nano particles and LED lights to produce the incredible effect you see.

Check out this video to learn more about CoeLux. 

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