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We all know that feeling all too well when you lose your wallet or when you notice that cash had gone missing because you were inattentive. The drudgery of canceling all your cards and trying to reclaim your cash just doesn’t seem worth it. Considering that everything is code locked, why shouldn’t your wallet be? This is where the Code Wallet by Ögon Designs comes in.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

The Code Wallet is a project that has been in development for the past two years and, as such, it is much more than just a mini safe for your pocket. By incorporating a 3-digit locking mechanism, the Code Wallet gives you a possibility of 1000 different and customizable combinations to secure your Code Wallet with. The entire locking mechanism is constructed out of metal zinc alloy for added protection and the wallet itself is made from Aluminum. With the understanding that some crooks even use RFID theft by simply tapping your pocket, the Code Wallet is completely RFID safe and you can rest assured that you’ll never be a victim.

The Code Wallet being used and displaying the internal dividers.

The internal divider is made from untearable PVC and features 7 pockets that can hold up to 12 cards, receipts and cash.

The inner of the wallet was smartly designed to maximize area and features 7 pockets that can accept up to 12 cards, receipts and cash. The divider is also made out of untearable PVC that has been reinforced by welding for enhanced durability. You can also choose to get your Code Wallet with the TrackR bravo which is compatible with both iPhone and Android and ensures that you’ll never lose your wallet again since it has built in notifications and a smartphone app tracker finder.

3 different color versions of the code wallet with laser engraved text.

You can choose to have your Code Wallet customized with laser engraving to add essential details such as name, email or phone number in case you lose it.

Apart from all the safety features, the Code Wallet looks stylish and is super slim measuring only 0.9 x 3.7 x 4.2 inches and weighing less than 0.27lbs.

At the moment the Code Wallet is busy with a Kickstarter campaign so you need to jump if you want your early-bird special.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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