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If you like camping and spending time outdoors, you can now prolong your outdoor activities and make them a more enjoyable experience. The Cocoon Tent Treehouse is a beautifully designed treehouse tent that’s completely waterproof, very lightweight and also inexpensive. It can be set up in just two hours and once you get in there, either alone or with your loved one, you’ll want to stay for a long time. The king-size bed inside makes it a perfect spot for rest and relaxation.

The Cocoon Tent Treehouse is a lightweight spherical treehouse for sustainable living. It has an aluminum structure that only weighs 130 pounds; it’s secured by nets and rigged up with ropes. Although it’s very light itself, the 12 locking points ensure suspension and lateral stability so the treehouse can hold the weight of up to a ton. The 12 rods on the top half and 12 shorter rods on the bottom half are secured with the surrounding trees so you can now sleep almost anywhere you desire.

Cocoon Tent Treehouse hanging between the trees in the forest.

This lightweight spherical treehouse has an aluminum frame and it’s secured with ropes and nets for stability

The feature that makes the Cocoon Tent Treehouse even more appealing is that the air-conditioning mechanisms are sustainable and can be powered by the sun and the wind. The interior has a large circular mattress inside (3 meters in diameter) so it can easily accommodate two people or even a couple with two children. You’ll be protected from the wind and rain, as well as the annoying insects thanks to the added mosquito screens. This is by far the most attractive and fun tent for outdoor camping. In addition to all this, you can design your own tent and make a custom order.

Cocoon Tent Treehouse hanging on the beach, a peak inside the tent.

The Cocoon Tent has a sustainable air-conditioning system and ventilation powered by sun and wind power

Cocoon Tent Treehouse, inside view.

This amazing tent is completely waterproof and equipped with a large circular bed

There are also different models of the Cocoon Tent Treehouse, adapted to the different settings and uses. The Cocoon Tree is the basic model, but there are also Cocoon Beach that’s perfect for the summer vacation and hanging out on the beach day and night. The Cocoon Jungle is additionally coated with a synthetic fiber that imitates bamboo and offers full protection from the elements. These treehouses can be mounted on trees, placed on the ground with adaptable feet, fixed on a post driven into the lake bottom, floating on a platform, or attached to a floating ring. Now you can set up a camp on uneven grounds and sleep like a king and queen.

Cocoon Tent Treehouse hanging on the coast in sundown.

The different models of the Cocoon Tent are specialized for different settings, and can be fixed to trees or poles, floating on a platform, etc.

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