Be stunned and amazed as Coca Cola launches its all new Bio-Cooler that uses the sun to cool down the drinks. Truly a unique way of having a refreshing drink. A little town called Aipir in Colombia is reportedly one of the hottest areas that Columbia has to offer with temperatures soaring up to 45 degrees centigrade. They had one big problem though.

The problem that they had was that they had no power whatsoever and hence, Coca Cola and the International Physics Centre in Bogota collaboratively designed and donated Bio-Cooler to the town so that they could enjoy ice-cold refreshments in a completely novel way that the world has never seen before.

Coca Cola Bio-Cooler utilizes the sun in two ways to cool down the drinks; one archaic and one modern. The first one being an ancient method of water evaporation to cool the air; this evaporation comes from a compartment at the top of the cooler that contains plants and soil – as the plants get watered the water cools the chamber as the sun’s heat makes the water evaporate. The second method uses a mirror that reflects the sun’s heat within the chamber and thereby turns an unnamed gas into liquid form to cool down the chamber even further. In other words, the hotter it gets, the better it cools. We love the idea and it just shows how technology can make life better for all and even help those that thought they would never be able to have an ice-cold, refreshing can of Coca Cola. watch video below

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