Biking excursions sure are fun and enjoyable all over, but if just pedaling around town is not enough of a daring quest to satisfy your eager adventurous spirit, perhaps you should try and additionally enrich it with COBI smart connected bicycle system.

Designed to enhance the cyclist’s experience and keep the riders connected and well-entertained at all times, COBI adds a special dose of amusement to cycling trips by allowing the rider to stay safe and well-protected on the track and still tap into a wide range of interesting applications and smart functions directly from the handlebars.

Cobi smart biking system on Kickstarter

Created in collaboration with SDK, COBI connected bike system is compatible with both regular and electric two-wheelers and it takes the shape of an interchangeable 200-gram mount case (available in black or silver) that easily attaches to the handlebars, combined with a one-finger controller for simple handling, as well as integrated headlight up front and tail light with turn signals and an automatic brake. Once set, the mount case will keep the phone safely placed and connected at the bars in front of the cyclist, allowing them to keep communicating with the rest of the world while enjoying their leisurely ride. Via the intuitive interface, bikers using COBI will be able to access over 100 mobile applications and advanced tech features and personalize their ride after their individual needs, tastes and preferences.

Cobi smart biking system

The lengthy list of applications available through wireless connection with COBI connected cycling software includes hands-free voice and video calls, music streaming, weather forecast updates, real-time insight into vital cycling statistics like time, speed, distance and climb rate, and there is also a handful of fitness-oriented applications that keep track of the rider’s heart rate, cadence and calories burnt. But the fun doesn’t stop there: on top of these cool features, COBI offers you a state-of-the-art navigation system that delivers timely turn-by-turn signals, voice-over directions and 2D and 3D views of your route, all paired with some handy info on bike lanes, popular tracks and a convenient buddy radar for simplified bike trips. Now, that’s what you get when you turn your bike handlebars into a car-like dashboard with your smartphone as the centerpiece.

Cobi smart biking system

On top of all this intelligent tech goodness, COBI connected system packs a proximity start-up mechanism and a motion-sensitive security alarm with flashy lights and scary sounds to ward off would-be bike thieves. Powered by either a 6000 mAh battery pack, e-bike energy or dynamo top-ups, COBI has an auto brake light to boost the rider’s visibility on the road, thus keeping you safer and better-highlighted against your surroundings at all times.

Cobi smart biking system

If the ongoing Kickstarter campaign raises sufficient funding, COBI should go into production some time in the second quarter of 2015, so if you’re looking to take your biking tours to a whole new level and have more fun while pedaling around, submit your pledge today and keep your fingers crossed for speedy COBI shipments. watch video below

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