If reading is one of your favorite ways of spending time, then you have probably been forced to occasionally read in poorly lit areas. In cases such as these, you require an additional light source and a regular flashlight just can’t cut it because you have to set it up right or just hold it in one hand. Enter the Clothespin Clip Light, a clothespin re-imagined as a bright flashlight which will leave your hands free so you can to whatever it is you want to do. Made from beech wood, this flashlight uses a very bright LED light to illuminate your immediate surroundings. The purchase also includes two CR032 batteries so you can use it straight away.

Clothespin Clip Light package

This well designed booklight makes for a perfect gift

Of course, you are not limited to its use as a booklight. Because it incorporates the clothespin design you can attach it to nearby surfaces, where possible, and use it as a regular flashlight during power outages. As it is small in size and measure only 3.7 x 0.5 x 0.9 inches you can carry it anywhere or pack it for travel. Its brilliant design also makes it a perfect gift for your friends or family members who enjoy reading.

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Clothespin Clip Light use

Poor lighting conditions will not affect you with this booklight

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