Screwpop Tools, a company which makes practical and “clippable” tools, has released a new and very useful accessory which will make all the trouble with charging and recharging your favorite smart devices hassle free. ClipCHARGE +|- is very simple in design; it features a battery cell, a clippable cable wrap and a 38 inch long cable which, when used together, offer everything a person may need to quickly recharge a device. And because a cable wrap is included in the mix, storing and carrying it around has been made very easy. The ClipCHARGE +|- is currently featured on Kickstarter where the people behind Screwpop Tools, Brett and Christi Fischer, are seeking support to gather enough funds to launch it on the market.

The Cable Wrap and the Cable Itself

ClipCHARGE +|- cable wrap

The cable wrap will make managing the 38″ long cable very easy

After months of researching into what kind of cable would be the best choice for this project, the anti-tangle 38″ long one was deemed the best choice for several reasons. First of all, the tangle-free feature it offers is something all of us will appreciate, because there is nothing worse than untangling a clump of cables. The length of this cable will allow you to move well away from the power socket so you can sit back comfortably and still use your smart devices.

ClipCHARGE +|- cable

ClipCHARGE +|- has a 38″ tangle free cable which can be wrapped around the cable wrap in two ways

This cable is also compatible with all devices; both Android and Apple smart devices, because it has an attached Lightning connector along with the standard Micro-USB one. As for the cable wrap, you can wrap the cable around it in two ways: by either tucking it in, which avoids the use of predetermined holes on the wrap itself, or by utilizing these different sized holes to make the entire wrap more firm. The wrap also has a loop which, when combined with a simple carabiner, allows you to carry it around on your bag, backpack, travelling case of wherever it’s most convenient for you.

The Battery Cell

ClipCHARGE +|- cable wrap loop

The loop on this cable wrap will let you hook up a carabiner so that you can carry it around on your backpack or as a keychain replacement

The battery cell included in this package is an ANKER Astro Mini 3350 mAh battery cell which will provide you with a full charge of any device you use, but if you already have a battery cell, you’ll be glad to know that you can opt for a purchase of the cable wrap and cable alone. However, if you don’t have a battery cell, with the ClipCHARGE +|- you can kill several birds with one stone, and solves all of these issues with one simple and great product. The full package measures around 4 x 2 inches so that portability and storage don’t suffer, allowing you to carry it around even in your pocket.

ClipCHARGE +|- connectors

ClipCHARGE +|- can be used on all devices because it was equipped with an a Micro-USB and Lightning connector

ClipCHARGE +|- is aimed towards anyone who is always on the go, and requires a reliable way of providing additional juice for the devices they use daily. This charging setup is compact, portable and more importantly adaptable, as it allows you to use it with any type of smart device, regardless of the connector. If you like the idea behind ClipCHARGE +|-, visit its Kickstarter page and support the campaign or better yet, purchase your very own ClipCHARGE +|-.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here

Check out the Kickstarter promo video for ClipCHARGE +|-.

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