Although Canada might not be the first thing that pops to one’s mind when top travel choices are discussed, this country is dreamlike destination for many. Its spectacular natural beauty, well-preserved environment, diverse climate, three oceans, vast mountain ranges and over two million lakes are good enough reasons to visit it. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort perfectly emulates Canada’s appeal. If you are looking for something that is luxurious and adventurous at the same time, look no further.

Situated in the stunning Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve, this resort is inspired by the 19th century Great Camps and it is an amalgamation of indulgent luxury and untamed environment. The Reserve itself has been designated by UNESCO as a habitat that has exceptional importance to the biodiversity of the planet.

Stunning view of Canadian wilderness

Tents on a cliff accessible by Helicopter in Canada

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort comprises of twenty luxurious canvas tents which are scattered around this spectacular site. There is also a three-tent campsite called Cloud Camp which is only accessible by helicopter because it is perched atop a 1,500ft cliff above a lake. The tents are equipped with everything you might need for a five-star-holiday. There is antique furniture, en-suite bathrooms with showers and a  wood-fired stove. A few tents are decorated like sophisticated private clubs with pool tables, bars and an internet café with high speed internet. Additionally, there are spa tents, dining tents and lounge tents available to visitors.

Tent at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Tent style and decor at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada

Dining at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a top-notch experience. The resort’s executive chef and a Vancouver Island native Ryan Orr prepares dishes made from locally raised and grown products. The outdoor activities here are varied, exciting and adventurous. We are going to mention just a few – horseback riding, fishing (both ocean and lake), zip lining, rock climbing, shooting and archery on the location, grizzly bear watching, kayaking, whale watching, mountain biking, hiking… This really is one of the most remarkable and refined tourist destinations in Canada. [viawatch videos below

Outdoor hot tub at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Luxurious tent at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada

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