Citroën Type H | 70th Anniversary Van

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70 years ago, an iconic automobile designer, Flaminio Bertoni, unveiled his latest design. That design was, his Citroën HY van. Now, 70 years later, David Obendorfer and Fabrizio Caselani unveil their contemporary reinvention of the iconic model. Dubbed the Type H 70th Anniversary Van, it is a celebration of its predecessor!

The van is packaged as a complete car kit that has been developed on the Citroën Jumper chassis. The Type H 70th Anniversary will also only be sold in 70 examples across Italy.

Citroën Type H front view

The vehicle was designed on a Jumper chassis and features a fiberglass body.

Instead of copying the shapes of the original, the Type H tried to capture the essence of the legendary model. It is an amalgamation of both references to the original, and contemporary style. Needless to say, it is unlike any other Citroën out there. Check out the video below.

Old and new models of the Citroën Type H

The Type H 70th tried to capture the essence of the original model.

It also incorporates modern technology, which was borrowed from the current Jumper series. The Citroën Type H 70th Anniversary will be produced by FC Automobili, using artisanal methods, and there will only be a limited amount of 70 produced exclusively in Italy. [via]

Citroën Type H new next to the old

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