Flexible furniture might be one of the best inventions for urban dwellers who are strapped for sufficient living space. If, on top of being an urban dweller, you are also a bookworm and need a bookshelf that will accommodate your growing collection of books look no further than Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf designed by a German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of Hafriko.

Chuck is a highly adaptable, rather ingenious shelving system that comprises of six 4-mm thick wooden planks held securely by stainless steel sleeves. Although the shelf is fluid and flexible in appearance, it is also quite stable and practical. Depending on the number of books or items you store, its planks stretch out to take on a different shape.

Flexible wooden bookshelf

Depending on the books you place on it, this bookshelf can have very interesting shapes

Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf is not only a piece of furniture, it is also an art piece. Generic bookshelves are usually not worth the second look, but this one is really eye-catching because of its leaf-shaped appearance and metamorphic qualities. The concept for Chuck is based on a study of new ways of utilizing intermediate space.

Chuck bookshelf is made 100% in Germany and is available in the original or oiled wood version. watch video below

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Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf

This is not only a piece of furniture, it is a piece of art

Chuck bookshelf

Chuck flexible bookshelf made of wood

4 mm thick wooden planks are held in place by stainless steel sleeves

Flexible wooden bookshelf

The maximum weight load of this bookshelf is 25 kg

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