Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf, designed by German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, is a shelving system that will adapt the way you want it to. If your book storing requirements change, so does this ingenious shelf. It is made of six 4 mm-thick sheets of wood that are held securely at each end by stainless steel sleeves to provide a functional yet atypical, adjustable and very fluid shelving system.

The sheets can be lifted to create space for your items. Depending on the quantity of items, the sheets stretch and the shelf changes shape. Practicality is also not compromised since the shelf is not rigid and will accommodate your needs. The Chuck Flexible Wooden Shelf is eye-grabbing and definitely worth the second look. watch video below

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Chuck bookshelf corner joint

Chuck bookshelf side view flat

Stainless steel sleeves hold the wooden sheets securely in place

Chuck bookshelf in flat position

Chuck Flexible Wooden Bookshelf is 2 meters long

Chuck bookshelf side view expanded

The wooden sheets are 4 mm thick

Chuck bookshelf with books within each layer

This bookshelf has an atypical appearance

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