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The market of innovative transportation modes seems to be growing at an unabated pace each day, and though electric bikes have been around for quite a while now, there’s a new cycle on the block that’s looking to change the way we perceive and use our beloved two-wheelers. Meet Chop-E, an Estonian chopper-style e-cycle that promises tons of fun, extraordinary transport cost-efficiency and lots of intrigued looks from passers-by during your ride around town. Sounds swell, doesn’t it? Let’s find out more.

Chop-E electric bike

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Chop-E is actually a semi-recumbent electric scooter inspired by the cool chopper bike design. Measuring 6.6 feet in length and weighing a solid 140 pounds, the Estonian electric two-wheeler comes on a 20″ tall front wheel clad in a 3″ wide tire and a rear wheel with 18-inch alloy rim (a lightweight replica of the VW Scirocco) shod in a 240/40/18 Pirelli Diablo motorcycle tire.

Chop-E electric scooter

Packing a programmable 1kW Golgen Motors 4th Generation engine powered by a back-mounted 20Ah/48-volt battery pack with 16 LiFePo4 cells, Chop-E is capable of reaching speeds of 20 mph with a  max range of 35 miles, which makes it a perfect vehicle for everyday commuting and short trips around town. A beautiful combo of custom components and off-the-shelf parts, Chop-E will have a comfy self-designed seat and front axle pegs with no pedals onboard, so it will ride more like a scooter than a standard e-bike.

Chop-E electric minibike

But the really amazing bit of info about Chop-E is nowhere to be found in the hardware specs – instead, you should look for it in the transport cost estimates. Believe it or not, the Estonian designers say that their trendy electric scooter will travel 329 miles at the price of just 1 dollar (or 625 kilometers for 1 euro, in the European lingo), which means you’ll be able to commute away come rain or shine with almost no transport costs at all. Now, that’s what you call cost-effective!

Chop-E electric bike controls

Along with your Chop-E, you’ll also receive a suitable charger compatible with standard outlets (according to early reports, it can top up the onboard battery in around 3.5 hours) and a convenient manual to help you get onto the right foot with your new electric scooter. For additional operating instructions, proud new owners will be able to view a dedicated video online and get all the fine details, recommendations and tips on Chop-E how-tos first-hand.

Chop-E electric mini bike

So, are you ready to save some time and money on your commuting routes? If your answer is ‘Yes’, submit your early-bird Kickstarter pledge for Chop-E today and expect your new smart scooter to arrive at your doorstep some time by July 2015. [via]

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