Chimney House In Slovenia

Celebrating the wood stove, Dekleva Gregorič architects created the Chimney House in the Slovenian town of Logatec. It’s located near a 16th-century church and in contrast to its white concrete exterior, this house is fully made of wood.

The Chimney House looks almost like a barn, with a respect for the local architecture. It has a roof that’s designed to maximize natural lighting. There are several windows on the house, all varying in size. The inside of the house continues the elegant and minimalistic look, combining oiled oak for floors and walls, along with the concrete roof.

wooden house next to a church

Chimney House is designed by Dekleva Gregorič architects and located in Slovenia, adjacent to a 16th-century church.

a look inside the Chimney House

The house respects local architecture and on the outside, it looks like a barn- all clad in timber.

“Material definition of the interior responds to haptic abilities of inhabitants: oiled oak is used for all the surfaces that can be reached and touched by the human body, whereas the structure of the roof is in reinforced concrete showing the imprint of the wooden formwork that provides for the continuity of the texture of interior envelope.”

Chimney House kitchen

The kitchen represents the center of the house, with a wood burning stove and wooden interior.

Chimney House hallway

Walls, floors and furniture elements are made from oiled oak.

Some parts of the house are elevated and the kitchen features a multifunctional wood stove. This two story home has many storage areas and little furniture. The kitchen is also the center of the house and allows light to come in from both vertical and ceiling windows. [via]

Chimney House bedroom and roof

The bedroom is located upstairs and has an interesting concrete roof with a skylight window going through the center of it.

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