For a home to be as comfortable as possible, the air inside needs to be as clean and odor free. There are many ways to achieve this and most of them include the use of aerosol air fresheners or electric air purifiers. They are effective but the costs can amount to a small fortune, and not to mention the negative effects aerosol sprays have on the environment. In light of this, we are going to show you an eco-friendly air purifier which doesn’t use electricity nor is an aerosol spray. The Chikuno Charcoal Air Purifier Cube is a revolutionary way of keeping the air in your home fresh and odor free. Made from Japanese activated bamboo charcoal, which boasts a very porous and extremely absorptive nature, can be used not just for purifying air but for deodorization and dehumidification. And the best part of this oddly looking purifier is that it can be reused for an extended time period.

Chikuno Cube Honeycomb structure

The honeycomb structure is the reason which makes this air purifier so powerful

This activated bamboo charcoal has been used in Japan for purification for quite some time. But the Chikuno Cube is made in such a way which makes it an overcharged version of regular bamboo charcoal. Pulverized powder of bamboo charcoal is mixed with natural minerals and then molded into its cubicle platform with around 600 channels which make out its honeycomb pattern. This is done in order to increase the surface area of the purifier. The result of this process is a cube shaped purifier weighing 30 g which has the same effect of 10 kg of regular bamboo charcoal. Now, that’s something spectacular.

Chikuno Cube size

The Chikuno Cube is small and lightweight but still does an excellent job

The cube measures 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ and can effectively cover an area of up to 17 square feet. This makes it perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, small hallways, kitchens, pantries and even refrigerators. Of course, you will need more than one for the effects to be noticeable. The Chikuno Cube is most effective at absorbing ammonia, which is the most common source of home odors, but it can also absorb formaldehydetoulene and ethylene gas. You can even increase its absorptive properties by placing a small fan behind the cube (or cubes).

Chikuno Cube effectiveness

In order to increase the effectiveness of the Chikuno Cube, use more than one and place a fan behind them

The only tricky part, which in reality isn’t tricky at all, is the maintenance. In order for it to purify the air effectively, the Chikuno Cube has to be exposed to direct sunlight once every month for several hours so it can release everything it has previously absorbed. The life expectancy of this air purifier is estimated at a period of one year. It also has to be handled with care as it is very fragile so if it gets dusty, use a dry piece of cloth to gently wipe it and under no circumstances should you expose it to water as it will dissolve the honeycomb structure and make it pretty much useless. All in all, the Chikuno Charcoal Air Purifier Cube is an exceptionally effective way of keeping odor at bay and the air in your home as fresh as possible.

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