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Charasu is a Japanese word that stands for cleaning or refreshing oneself. It’s no wonder why a company that makes skin and hair products decided to go with that word. The first thing you should know about their offer is that everything is made from activated charcoal. For those of you who don’t know, this process includes white oak branches that are burned for several days and later left to cool down.

So, why is active charcoal good for your skin? It removes dead skin cells without damaging the healthy ones, so it’s perfect for exfoliation. It also nourishes your hair and skin while providing them with the perfect balance of the ingredients. Charasu offer contains four items: shampoo, conditioner, face wash and a soap bar.

Charasu shampoo

Charasu is a company that creates skin and hair products out of activated charcoal. It is finished after days of burning white oak branches at high temperatures.

Let us start with the shampoo. It includes a blend of aloe vera and jojoba oil, great for dry and damaged hair. After you use it, your hair will become soft and shiny, with a nice citrusy scent. The shampoo is packed in a 16 oz pump bottle, so it’s super easy to apply. After using the shampoo, don’t forget to apply the conditioner as it will provide you with the necessary hydration.

Charasu conditioner and soap bar

In their offer you’ll find a shampoo, conditioner, a face wash and a soap bar. All are made to exfoliate, detoxify and purify.

The face wash is responsible for exfoliating, detoxifying and purifying your skin. It contains organic honey, oats and aloe, carefully mixed with activated charcoal and vitamin E. Important to note is that it’s free of animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil or chemical preservatives. Finally, soap bar cleans the dirt and leaves the skin healthier.

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