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We all know how frustrating it can be to have dry and cracked lips, fortunately however, we do have remedies such as the Chapstick but with it comes another problem. They’re easy to lose and it’s a pain to dig around in your pockets when you need relief. Luckily, the minds at Screwpop Tools came up with the perfect solution with their Chapstick Holder.

Get it from Screwpop here.

The Screwpop Chapstick Holder was designed to be functional, rugged, apt for everyday use and aesthetically pleasing. Constructed out of stainless steel, you never need to worry about it tarnishing even if it does get wet and to make it easy to carry around, they have incorporated a yellow brass eyelet so that you can attach it to your keyring, a carabiner, a rope or even to a backpack.

Screwpop Chapstick Holder on keyring

With a rugged stainless steel construction, the Chapstick Holder by Screwpop is both rugged and can easily fit onto your keyring with the incorporated yellow brass eyelet.

It looks as good as it functions since the Chapstick Holder was engineered to hold the Chapstick in place with a combination of friction and pressure. Meaning that it will never just drop out and it also fits most standard tube sizes. To top this all off, you don’t need to remove the Chapstick from the holder to use it since they have included an easy adjustment function that allows you turn the Chapstick adjuster at the bottom of the holder.

Chapstick Holder bottle opener being used

With the built-in bottle opener, the Chapstick Holder serves a dual purpose and will be handy no matter where you are.

If that’s not impressive enough, we find it noteworthy to mention that the Chapstick Holder has a dual function as a bottle opener that flips out from behind it. So, not only can you carry your ointment with you wherever you go, but you always have a trusty bottle opener at hand.

Get it from Screwpop here.

Chapstick holder with a chapstick

The Chapstick Holder also has an easy adjustment feature which means that you don’t need to remove it from the holder to adjust the Chapstick. Simply turn on the bottom.

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